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So, you’ve decided to study in the wonderful city of Brussels? Welcome!

You probably have a million questions on housing, transport, study locations and where you can meet new friends! What to do next?

The first step: Take a look at this website, read the Student Guide Brussels and don’t hesitate to ask us your questions! Our goal is to spread the love for Brussels and make it not only our, but also your new home (or at least for a while).

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1. The one and only Student Guide Brussels

This guide aims to help you get started and get the most out of your adventure in Brussels. You’ll learn everything about Brussels, Belgium and Europe, and the student life over here.

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2. Brussels for dummies

Theme 1: Brussels

Theme 2: Studying

Theme 3: Student Housing

Theme 4: Transport

3. We answer your questions about Brussels

1. Brussels

Of course! Brussels is the biggest student city in the country!
Brussels doesn’t have one big student neighborhood, but it has many lively student areas throughout the city. Brussels is a real metropolis – you can fully immerse yourself in campus life or explore the wider area, so you’ll experience all the benefits of an energetic student city and all the perks of a buzzing capital city!

Brussels is a bustling city to study and live in. A bit of culture? A hint of green? A tasty bite with friends? Or just party all night long? There’s something new around every corner!

Along with historical buildings, majestic palaces, churches, museums and monuments, Brussels also flaunts its nocturnal scene – The best daytime and night spots packed with students can be found at:

  • Dansaert (City of Brussels)
  • St-Boniface (Ixelles)
  • Flagey (Ixelles)
  • Parvis (St-Gilles)

Looking for some more culture? Than these quarters might be your thing.

  • European, Place Lux (Ixelles)
  • African, Matongé (Ixelles)
  • Turkish, Chaussée de Haecht (Schaerbeek)
  • Latin, from Porte de Hal to Barrière (St-Gilles)

2. Studying

Brussels is home to 52 Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts and 100,000 students. You may have already chosen, or still have to choose an institution in Brussels. 

Brik can provide information for the Dutch speaking partner institutions in Brussels. Those are: VUB, Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Science and Arts (EhB), Odisee, LUCA School of Arts and KU Leuven campuses Brussels. You can find more info by clicking on them.

Looking for a place to study together with others? You’re not alone! During the exam periods – three times a year – Brik sets up specially-designed Study Spaces. These are calm, quiet places all over the city, where students can get together for a cram session. More information you can find here.

3. Student housing

On brik.mykot.be you can search in our database of more than 4000 student rooms. All rooms are checked to fit the quality standards of student housing in Brussels. You can find rooms that are rented out by private owners, by universities and colleges or Brik. 

Depending on the duration of your stay, Brik has different housing possibilities that fit your request: 

  • long stay (one year or more)
  • short stay (less than 1 year)
  • summer stay (2 weeks or more during summer period)

The Van Orley Student House is as much as student residence as it is a unique experience. In this house Brik offers short and mid term stays – up to 5 months – to international students from all over the world. Students can choose between 26 single and 37 double shared rooms, each one having a private bathroom. Apart from that there are extra facilities and plenty of shared spaces where students can meet and eat.

Brik has drafted a model contract for student housing, which is available to all students and landlords. This contract is adapted to the current regulations for student housing in the Brussels Capital Region and can be used by students and landlords while setting up or signing a contract. Please note: this model contract is only applicable on the rental of student rooms via MyKot. Landlords have to register first and their premises have to be checked and confirmed by Brik.

Brik rents out 400 student rooms in the centre of Brussels. Brik is the landlord of these rooms and all arrangements – from the tenancy agreement to the daily maintenance of the building – happens in consultation between you and Brik.

Long stay: 

Furnished rooms – bed with slatted frame, wardrobe, desk, desk chair, bookcase and chair

12-month rental contract – from 15/09 until 08/09

Reserved for students from the partner institutions 

Net pricing (excl. utilities) – Settlement of costs based on effective consumption of utilities once a year. You pay a monthly advance between 55 and 85 EUR.

Deposit: Deposit: fixed deposit (500 – 1000 EUR), related to the type of your room

Different types of rooms

  • Room:kitchen, shower and toilet are shared with housemates
  • Room PLUS:room with private shower; kitchen and toilet are shared with housemates
  • Studio:room with own shower and kitchenette; toilet is shared with housemates (unless mentioned otherwise)
  • Shared studio: studio shared by 2 students

Internet (Wi-Fi) – fixed monthly rate of 15 EUR

Cleaning and maintenance service

Technical permanence

Interested in a room? The kottours allow you take a look when it suits you. The tours start at the end of June and run as long as there are rooms available.

Short stay: We offer short and midterm stays in the Van Orley International Student House.

Different types of rooms

  • Single Room – 1 student: 460 to 530 EUR all-in
  • Double Room – 2 students: 325 to 400 EUR per student all-in

At the beginning of July Brik releases a call for applications for the Fall semester. Students can apply for a single or double room then. Applications are assigned chronologically. Want to receive this message? Register on Brik.be/vanorley.
Hint: Be quick, because rooms rent out fast. If you’re interested in sharing a room, you increase your chances of having a room.

Yes, this gives you the opportunity to taste already the Brussels’ student life. Every year, some landlords open the doors of their student house and answer all your questions. Take a look at the Open Room Days.

4. Mobility

Belgium has 2 important airports: Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport. 

If you arrive in Brussels Airport, you’re already very close to the city centre. By train it takes only 10 minutes to get to Brussels North Station, and a little bit longer to get to Brussels-Central or Brussels-South . You can also take a bus directly to Schuman (MIVB) or to Brussels-North (De Lijn), this is a little bit cheaper but takes more time.

If you arrive in Brussels South Charleroi Airport, which hosts more low-cost airlines, it’ll take a little longer to get to the city. The easiest and fastest option is to take the Flibco bus (starting from €5), which arrives at the Brussels South Station and takes around one hour. You can also take a train to get to Brussels, but you’ll have to take a bus to Charleroi Station first before you can get on the train, so we don’t recommend it.

STIB offers you two types of school season tickets: the STIB season ticket and the BRUPASS season ticket. What’s the difference between both? The geographic area covered by each option.

If you want to take metro, tram or bus during your time in Brussels, it’s best to buy a STIB season ticket. Students under the age of 25 pay only 50 EUR for a ticket for the year which is fantastic value. The STIB, Brussels’ public transport operator, is omnipresent in Brussels with a big range of options and very good service. Trams, buses and the metro can take you almost anywhere in the city quickly, easily and safely, and if you stay out late into the evening you can take a Noctis night bus home! The practical STIB app indicates the real time of arrival, so you’ll know exactly what time you have to be at the station or platform.

If you want to use all public transport in Brussels-Capital Region, you can buy a BRUPASS season ticket for 90 EUR. It includes the entire network of STIB (except for the part Bourget-Brussels Airport of lines 12 and 21), all the bus stops from De Lijn and TEC, and all the train stations from SNCB (NMBS in Dutch) within the Brussels-Capital Region.

SNCB trains are one of the fastest ways to travel around the country and are great value. The central location of Brussels, with three main stations, Brussels-South (Midi in French!), Brussels-Central and Brussels-North, allow you to easily all over the country including to Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent, the seaside and many more.

If you’re under 26 years old, we suggest that you buy a Youth Multi Pass, which lets you make 10 trips for only 53 EUR– You’ll soon use these up with all the new places to visit! For those of you over 26, the best option is a Standard Multi Pass for 83 EUR. Pro tip: If you’re exploring the area from Friday 19:00 until Sunday, a ‘Weekend Ticket’ will give you a 50% discount on a return journey.

Right you are! You can find a bike on one of the second hand fairs of CyCLO, in a bike shop or on a second hand website.

There are several possibilities as well. 

Villo! is the bike share service that you can find all around Brussels. Take a bike in one station, and put it back in another station on the other side of the city. You pay less than 35 euros for a yearly subscription, and through Brik you even get a 50% discount during the first year!

Billy Bikes are the electric shared bikes, that are scattered around the city. Very convenient, but quite expensive.

Swapfiets rents out sturdy bikes with 7 gears for 15 EUR per month (only for students). They offer a carefree service where they’ll replace your bike should you have a flat tire.

Blue-bike is the bike rental system that you can find in every bigger train station in Belgium. Perfect for you citytrips to Bruges, Ghent or Antwerp. You’ll pay only 3,15 euros for a 24h rental.

You have probably used Google Maps already, but Citymapper is a very good alternative that focuses on all transport options but your private car. We recommend!

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