FAQ & Documents

Before booking a room

See here and for each room individually here

No the room rates are all inclusive. Only if you don’t leave your room in a good condition, there might be extra costs.

Initially we only offer contracts until February 14th for the Fall semester and September 14th for the Spring semester and summer. See also the FAQ about prolongations below.

See here. After the call for applications has been sent applications are processed on a 1st come 1st served basis.

We provide plain white bedding, so no Spiderman or Frozen prints. You do have to bring your own towels.

There already is a large amount of pots and pans present in the building. We’ll provide a basic set with cutlery and plates for every tenant. If you want any specifics, you need to bring or buy those yourself.

No, most double rooms don’t. See the floorplans for an outline of the rooms.

From the beginning of July for the Fall semester and halfway November for the Spring semester. You can only apply once you’ve received the call for applications. Leave your contact info here to be sure to get it.

Partner school students for a semester stay > Partner school students for a shorter stay > Students enrolled at other schools in Brussels > Interns

For shorter stays you can also opt to have a roommate assigned by Brik. We only assign roommates of the same gender and not for more than 3 months.

€ 3 for washing and € 0,5 for drying (10 mins)

You don’t know what you’re missing! For a cancellation prior to the beginning of the lease, a cancellation fee of 1 month net rent (= without utility costs) is due. This will usually be deducted from the deposit you’ve already paid. The difference will be refunded.

The visa application process is something that may take time. If you’re not sure about an approval, it is best not to make a booking just yet. Once a contract is signed it can only be cancelled at a cancellation fee or period of notice of 2 months.

See step 3 on this page . A (preliminary) proof of enrolment can be an email from your guest university or sending university, learning agreement, student card of the guest university, Admission letter, …

When living in Van Orley

It is allowed to receive visitors, provided the tenant themselves is present.

Incoming students have priority. We don’t guarantee if a prolongation will be possible, nor that it will be in the same room. Why is that? There are only limited housing options for short and mid-term stays. Students that are staying longer have plenty of housing options elsewhere (see our other student rooms. )

A contract shorter than 3 months cannot be cancelled. For contract longer than 3 months there is a period of notice of 2 months.

You can pay in our office with Mastercard, Visa, American express, Maestro, or you can make a wire transfer via your computer.

Please contact us via welcome@brik.be / +32 2 211 05 40 or stop by in our office. If it is an emergency, please contact Anouar, or when he’s not around our technical stand by service. (the phone number is on the green welcome leaflet or can be found in the hallway. Always mention your room number.

Contact support@destiny.be and ad a screenshot of a speed test. Don’t forget to mention your name, building and room number.

You can have parcels delivered to the Brik office: Zavelput 20, 1000 Brussels. Always mention “Brik” + your name.

The deposit will be refunded ultimately 2 months after the end date of the lease.