Who can apply for a room?

Order of priorities

  • Partner school students: 
    • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) 
    • Erasmushogeschool Brussel (EhB) 
    • LUCA – School of Arts 
    • Odisee 
    • KU Leuven – Campuses Brussels  
  • Students enrolled at a school other than those mentioned above 
  • Interns 
  • Longer stays have priority over shorter stays 

Partner institutions

Lease terms

Lease terms

You can book a room in Van Orley for a short to mid-term stay.
The minimum stay is a fortnight (2 weeks), the average and cheapest stay is 5 months. Rooms can be booked in semi-monthly blocks.

Call for application Start lease Maximum lease term
Spring Semester 2023 9.11.2022  01.02.2023 or 15.02.2023  1 semester  
Until 14.07.2023 
Extension for July and August months possible 
Fall Semester 2023 July 2023  01.09.2023 or 15.09.2023  1 semester 

Until 14.02.2024 max 

How to apply?

Throughout the year

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page or send an email to welcome@brik.be. Tell us who you are, the duration of your stay and the school you will be attending in Brussel. You will receive info about the booking process.

July 2023

Wait for Brik’s Call for Applications: we’ll send an email to invite you to apply for a room.  

  • Sent in the second week of July for the Fall semester 
  • Sent in third week of November for the Spring semester 

Check our available rooms on brik.mykot.be and pick yours. Find a roommate in our Facebook group ‘Finding a roommate in Van Orley’. 

Send in the top 5 rooms of your choice.
Add your roommate as a cc.
Add the start and end date of your stay. 

within 1 day

In order to be able to draft a contract we need your contact info. 

  • Send in a (preliminary) proof of enrollment 
  • Send your ID or Passport 
  • Fill out your personal detail in the form that was sent to you 

within 7 days

We will send you a lease agreement. Sign and send it within 7 days to confirm your stay. 

  • Sign and send the agreement 
  • Transfer the deposit 



The semester leases begin on: 

  • 1 September or 15 September (Fall semester) 
  • 1 February or 15 February (Spring semester) 

Sharing a room

Roomie-o where art thou?

Determined to get a room in Van Orley? Opt for a shared room and raise your chances.Double rooms can only be booked if a roommate has been found. This process usually takes some time, so it’s a good thing to start looking for one already.
How? Join our Facebook group and make post. Cut the cost of your stay and end up with a friendship for life!

Please note:

  • Both roommates rent the room for the same period. Same-sex; mixed sex? We don’t mind if you don’t mind. Just keep in mind that a double room is an actual shared room, with two beds and one bathroom.
  • Both roommates must comply with all application requirements (see who can apply)

Summer Stays

Enrolling for a preparatory course, retaking exams in August or doing an internship in the summer? You can book our rooms for a short stay on a daily basis (minimum 14 days). Allow yourself to get more space and more comfort than in a hostel, for a lower price! 


  • Flexible contract 
  • Bed linen provided 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Meeting other young people from all over the world 
  • Supreme location, in the city centre and within walking distance of the European district. And the beautiful Botanique park just across the street. 


By sending this form you acknowledge that your contact details will be registered by Brik. We will only use them with the sole purpose of informing you about our housing solutions. See our privacy policy here