Looking for a fully equipped student room in the city centre of Brussels? A hub to explore the European capital? Meeting new people? And all of this in an international atmosphere? We’ve got it covered! Van Orley is THE International Student housing option for short or mid term stay (up to 5 months). The Van Orley International Student House consists of 26 single and 37 double rooms and several common areas where students can meet and eat.

Accepting application for summer stays now


Single room

Each room has the following facilities:

    • private bathroom (shower, toilet, wash basin)
    • a bed with mattress, pillow and bed linen
    • desk & deskchair
    • clothes rack
    • small fridge
    • Wifi

The monthly room rate for a 5 months stay (or longer) is the cheapest.

  • Small (11-13 m²):  € 557,50 per month
  • Standard (14-15 m²): € 575,00 per month
  • Large (17 m²): € 617,50 per month

The monthly rate gradually increases when stays are shorter.
Click the button below to see the pricing for each room on MyKot. The room rates for shorter stays are listed there in the detailed room overview.

Utility costs (electricity, water, heating, internet) are included in the room rate.

Double room

Each room has the following facilities:

    • private bathroom (shower, toilet, wash basin)
    • 2 beds with 2 mattresses, 2 pillows and 2 sets of bed linen
    • 2 desks & deskchairs
    • 2 clothes racks
    • 2 small fridges
    • Wifi

The monthly room rate for a 5 months stay (or longer)  is the cheapest.

  • Small (20-22 m²) = €775,00 = € 387,50 per person.
  • Standard (25-26 m²) = € 800,00 = € 400 per person.
  • Large (25-30 m²) = € 825,00 to € 835,00 = € 412,50 to € 417,50 per person.
  • Large– 2 separate rooms (30-32 m²): € 892,50 = € 446 per person.

The monthly rate gradually increases when stays are shorter. Click the button below to see the pricing for each room on MyKot. The room rates for shorter stays are listed there in the detailed room overview.

  • Utility costs (electricity, water, heating, internet) are included in the room rate.


See the floorplan for the location & orientation of each room.

Floor plan 0



There are large and industrially equipped kitchens on the 2nd, 3rd an 4th floor. The one on the 3rd floor gives out to a rooftop terrace.


There’s a lounge on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor: 1 for study, a tv lounge and a sports (ping pong!) lounge.

Wasmachines Van Orley

Laundry room

No need to to be carrying your laundry across the city. We have our own laundry room. 3 coin-operated washing machines and tumble dryers at your disposal!


Brik is a partner organisation of the Flemish Colleges and Universities in Brussels. Students enrolled at those schools have priority. This applies for both roommates in case of a double room. If we still have rooms left, other students can apply as well.

Priorities are set in this order:

    • Partner school students:
        • Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)
        • Erasmushogeschool Brussel (EhB)
        • LUCA – School of Arts
        • Odisee
        • KU Leuven Campus Brussels & Faculty of Architecture
    • Students enrolled at a school other than those mentioned above
    • Interns

Longer stays have priority over shorter stays.

You can book a room in Van Orley for a short to mid term stay. The minimum stay is a fortnight, the average and cheapest stay is 5 months. Rooms can be booked in semi monthly blocks.

    • Fall Semester 2020

Start Lease ••• 01.09.2020 or 15.09.2020 •••

Maximum lease term: 1 semester (until 14.02.2021)

    • Summer 2020

Start Lease ••• May – June – July – August•••

Maximum lease term: until 14 September

Step 1 – Throughout the year 

Fill in the form on at the bottom of this page or send an email to Tell us who you are, the duration of your stay and the school you will be attending in Brussel.

Step 2 – 6 July 2020

Call for applications. We’ll send you an email to invite you to apply for a room. This will contain an overview of all the available rooms with prices and specifications.

Step 3

  • Send in the top 5 rooms of your choice.
  • Add your roommate as a cc.
  • Add the start and end date of your stay

Step 4 – within a week after receiving the the tenancy agreement:

  • Sign and send the agreement
  • Transfer the 1st month’s rent
  • Transfer the deposit

Step 5 –  01.09.2020 or 15.09.2020

  • Start of the lease

Determined to get a room in Van Orley? Opt for a shared room and raise your chances.

Double rooms can only be booked if a roommate has been found. This process usually takes some time, so it’s a good thing to start looking for one already. How? Go to our facebook page and make post!

Please note: Both roommates rent the room for the same period. Same-sex; mixed sex? We don’t mind if you don’t mind. Just keep in mind that a double room is an actual shared room, with two beds and one bathroom.

Cut the cost of your stay and end up with a friendship for life!


Enrolling for a preparatory course, retaking exams in August or doing an internship in the summer? We offer single and double rooms that can be booked for a short period* and on a daily basis.


  • Flexible contract
  • Supreme location, in the city centre and within walking distance of the European district. And the Beautiful Botanique park just across the street.
  • Cheaper than a hotel or hostel
  • Bedlinen provided
  • Wifi
  • No extra charges
  • Meeting other young people from all over Europe

*Minimum duration is 2 weeks.


  • Taxi: 30-39 EUR
  • Train: Brussels Airport station – Brussel-Noord station (9 EUR) + 20 mins on foot or Bus 61 (to Kruidtuin)
  • Bus: 272 by De Lijn to Kruidtuin (3 EUR) + 3 min walk.
  • Train: Shuttle Bus A by TEC to Charleroi-Sud train station (5 EUR)  > train to Brussels-Zuid/Midi (6 EUR if <26y – Go Pass 1 ticket)
  • Bus: Brussels City Shuttle to Brussels-Zuid/Midi station: 14 EUR
    At Brussels-Zuid/Midi station take Metro 2 or 6 to Madou (2 EUR)


“If you want to have the greatest view of the Finance Tower, if you want to enjoy the most wonderful image of the speedy clouds above Brussels, if you want to share many birthday cakes, if you want to reach downtown in less then 15 minutes by foot, if you want to experience the great pink sunsets, if you want to become a new member of a Family, then you should choose to stay at Van Orley. So if you’re still looking after accommodation in Brussels, your search reached its end. Welcome! Let me introduce you de vanorleyans!”

Katia Bagosi, Student

“Van Orley is the best decision one could possibly take to live the complete erasmus experience. You will get to know a bunch of awesome people from all over the world. It’s just amazing. I would choose Van Orley Van Orley again without thinking about it. ”

Victor C., Student

“Van Orley is a comfy student house close to the city centre where you can find good flat mates and then, above all, friends in a while. Thus it’s more a “family” than a student house.”

Lorenzo, Student

“I will forever look back at my time at Van Orley as one of the greatest experiences of my life. I absolutely loved every second of it. It was great to make so many new friends from all over the world, cooking together, eating together, going out, partying in VO, drinking great Belgian beer and discovering about different cultures and traditions. One great big happy multicultural family. Fantastic! Wish I could do it all over again.
Als je ondersteuning voor schermlezers wilt inschakelen, druk je op snelkoppeling ?+Optie+Z. Druk op snelkoppeling ?schuine streep. voor meer informatie over sneltoetsen.”

Timmy, Student

“Living at the residence for my Erasmus+ program was, by far, the best decision i made. Van Orley Student House made me feel like i belong to a family, from the very beginning.”

Vasilios Sarkiniotis, Student

“Fantastic people – awesome time – unforgettable moments – Parties when ever you want – that is Erasmus at Van Orley.”

David N., Student

“Van Orley is more likely a lifestyle rather than a place to live. People there are awesome and with no doubt it was the best part of my erasmus experience. I would never forget 3rd floor kitchen Friday party, international dinners, movie nights or going out for a beer to Delirium with Van Orley crew. It was a pleasure having Anouar as caretaker, one of the best persons I have met there.
Thanks Brik-team for the best 5 months of my life! You let us find a second home, a second family, the Van Orley Family.”

Bea, Student

“Van Orley makes your Erasmus experience complete. It’s very nice to meet so many new and different people, all under one roof. Van Orley has a great location, close to the city centre and all supermarkets etc. within walking distance. I studied at LUCA – School of Arts and it was really nice to be able to walk every day when i had classes. It quickly made me feel like a native inhabitant of Brussels. When back in my room, it was nice to have my own fridge and bathroom and I never had any troubles with sharing the room. We both had our own space and it was always very cosy. ”

Ira, Student

“Everything in Van Orley Student House is about meeting people from all over the world and understand that despite different
languages, different habits, we are all one big family. This is what you’re gonna find in Van Orley: a big family with 100 members and more. And maybe you’ll find love.. as it happened to me, turning my life upside down. Trust me, you’re never gonna be the same person after staying here. So go ahead, come live an unforgettable experience!”

Marta Luffarelli, Student

“The location is really nice! It’s a reasonable walk to the centre and the metro is close so that would be even faster. The rooms are good for the price you pay considering you are in a big city. I find the experience with so many people from all over the world amazing and i would do it all over again if i could!!”

Kirsten L., Student

“My experience in the Van Orley residence was one which I will never forget. I met so many amazing people from all over the world. We became so close that now I consider them as a part of my family, my Van Orley family.
We enjoyed the craziest third-floor parties, the lovely movie nights in the living room, the greatest time in the kitchen cooking with the rest. There is always someone to talk to, someone who will help you and will make you feel better when you have a bad day. When I look back on the days when I was there I’m always smiling. Now I realize that I loved every single aspect of it and I will always be thankful for it.”

Antonia V., Student



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Before booking a room

No the room rates are all inclusive. Only if you don’t leave your room in a good condition, there might be extra costs.

Initially we only offer contracts until February 14th for the Fall semester and September 14th for the Spring semester and summer. See also the FAQ about prolongations below.

See here. After the call for applications has been sent applications are processed on a 1st come 1st served basis

We provide plain white bedding, so no Spiderman or Frozen prints. You do have to bring your own towels.

There already is a large amount of pots and pans present in the building. We’ll provide a basic set with cutlery and plates. If you want any specifics, you need to bring those yourself

No, most double rooms don’t. See the floorplans for an outline of the rooms.

Partner school students for a semester stay > Partner school students for a shorter stay > Students enrolled at other schools in Brussels > Interns

We only assign roommates when both students are staying for a maximum of 3 months.

€ 3 for washing and € 0,5 for drying (10 mins) .

Once in Van Orley

Yes but only for maximum 5 days. You are responsible for their behaviour. Your friends cannot bring their friends

Incoming students have priority. We don’t guarantee if a prolongation will be possible, nor that it will be in the same room. Why is that? There are only limited housing options for short and mid term stays. Students that are staying longer have plenty of housing options elsewhere (see our other student rooms)

A contract shorter than 3 months cannot be cancelled. For contract longer than 3 months there is a period of notice of 2 months. For cancellation prior to the beginning of the contract, a cancellation fee of 1 month rent is due.

You can pay in our office with Mastercard, Visa, American express, Maestro or you make wire transfer via your computer.

Please contact us via or +32 2 211 05 40 or stop by in our office. If it is an emergency, please contact Anouar, or when he’s not around our technical stand by service. (the phone number is on the green leaflet or can be found in the hallway

Contact and ad a screenshot of a speedtest. Don’t forget to mention your name, building and roomnumber.


By sending this form you acknowledge that your contact details will be registered by Brik. We will only use them with the sole purpose of informing you about our housing solutions.