Study Spaces

December 12th – Februari 3rd

This exam period, Brik is once again organizing Study Spaces. You can study for your exams with fellow sufferers at various locations.
The participating Study Spaces can be found on the platform.

What can you do on the platform?

  • You find all the information about the Study Spaces on the platform: locations, opening hours, number of places…
  • Create an account in advance and check in and check out in the Study Spaces. This is obligated.
  • Most Study Spaces work on reservation. You can reserve a place up to 3 days in advance.

House rules in the Study Spaces

  • Come and study only during the hours you reserved, and be sure to arrive on time! If you are more than 25 minutes late, your reservation is no longer valid. If this happens 3 times, you will lose access to the reservation system for one week.
  • Only study in the study areas in the dedicated areas.
  • Have respect for employees, the building, the facilities and your fellow students. Keep it clean and quiet.

Do you still have any questions? Check out our FAQ.