Study Spaces

December 11th – February 2nd

This exam period, Brik is once again organizing Study Spaces. You can study for your exams with fellow sufferers at various locations.
The participating Study Spaces can be found on the platform.

What can you do on the platform?

  • You find all the information about the Study Spaces on the platform: locations, opening hours, number of places…
  • Create an account in advance and check in and check out in the Study Spaces. This is obligated.
  • Most Study Spaces work on reservation. You can reserve a place up to 3 days in advance.

House rules in the Study Spaces

A dirty place, disturbing noise or an overcrowded Study Space. Annoying right? That’s why we ask you to respect the rules below. That way, you and your fellow students will have the most enjoyable study experience. ? 

  1. Check in and out via the provided tablets. This way, the number of available places on the platform is always correct and no one will be surprised at overcrowded locations.
  2. Have respect for the staff, the building, the equipment and your fellow students. We are here for you. Everyone happy.
  3. Keep it calm. The Study Spaces are quiet study areas. Put your mobile phone on silent and go outside if you want to have a chat.
  4. Sit at the right spot. Study only in the designated areas and do not take up more space than necessary. Keep the seats next to you free and don’t hold space for friends. Fair, right?
  5. Keep it clean. Clean up your place when you leave and sort your rubbish.