in quarantine

Studying at home isn’t that easy for everyone. But in times like these, it’s the best and safest option! On this webpage, Brik gathered some tips and tricks to make this period easier. You’ll not only find tips to improve your studying but also to take useful breaks. Because breaktime is almost as important as study time. 

How to make a Study Space at home? 

Make sure your room is well organized. 

  1. Clean your desk frequentlyLeave only the things you need for studying. 
  2. Make sure you have enough lightPut your desk in front of the window and install a light on your desk. 
  3. Install a power outlet near your desk so your laptop won’t run out of power. 

Separate your worlds: Study Space versus breakroom 

  1. Don’t eat in your Study Space. Eating = breaktime! 
  2. Drinking is allowed. Put a bottle of water on your desk, no beers! 
  3. If you don’t need your phone or laptop, then you put it in another room.  

Preparation is (almost) everything 

Bring some structure into your week. 

Make a schedule in which you implement your study moments and breaktimes, eat, drink and sport moments. You can get as much detail in your schedule as you want. Here you can find some beautiful examples. You can print these and fill them out yourself. 

Set your alarm every day at the same hour to create a rhythm. In the beginning it will probably be hard to get out of bed, but it will get easier after a while. 

Make habits out of your breaktimesFor example: take a short break at 11h to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, at noon you go for a short walk around the block, at 16h you treat yourself with a bar of chocolate and the end of the day you celebrate with a Brussels beer. Now you have something to look forward to after every study moment. 

Social control

Keep in touch with your classmates. Make a group on WhatsApp or Facebook where you can ask questions and share documents. 

Meet up with friends to study together (but still separated). Share your schedules, study at the same hours and take breaks together. You can even walk or sport together during breaktimes. 

Make some time to call someone to see how they are doing. Don’t forget your friend that is having a difficult time at home or alone in their student home. 

Finally, breaktime 

Taking a good break is almost as important as studying! Here you can find some inspiration.  

Sportive break 

A short workout to your favorite song.

Sportive and relaxing break 

This 30-days-yoga-challenge will keep you busy for a month. 

Creative break  

Learn to juggle. The only thing you need: three rolls of toilet paper. 

Creative with paper: origami 

This video will teach you how to fold a peacock out of paperFeel the passion? In the playlist you’ll find more objects. 

Musical break 

Watch a live concert from the Brussels concert hall AB. You can watch Brihang or Balthazar but also the legend of Brussels Arno.