Brussels, heart of Belgium and Europe. Our capital combines the strengths of a hip metropole with the cosiness of the old working-class neighborhoods. It is a city full of challenges and opportunities – and soon perhaps the place where you will study!
Brussels doesn’t have one big student neighborhood but it does have different student neighborhoods throughout the region. After all there are 52 universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (and Arts)! But above all, Brussels is a real metropolis. You can fully immerse yourself in campus life or explore the rest of the city. So you get all the benefits of a student city and all the benefits of a metropolis.
Did you know that Brussels is the biggest student city in the country? More than 100.000 students have already discovered that this is the place to be for those who want to study at an international level and on a human scale.
The partner institutions of Brik below offer you an extensive range of education. Discover quickly which course suits you.


Open days

When starting a higher education, you will have to make a lot of choices. Where will you study? Will you stay at home or not? Are you moving in with friends?
The most important choice is your subject. What will you study? If you’re still in doubt, why not try out a few classes first? You wouldn’t buy new shoes without trying them! The Open Days and info sessions allow you to follow a few courses, visit the campus, ask questions to other students … It’s the perfect way to have a taste of student life!

Study Spaces

Looking for a place to study? You’re not alone! During the exam periods – three times a year – Brik sets up specially-designed Study Spaces. These are calm, quiet places where students can get together for a cram session. The Study Spaces are offered in collaboration with the VGC since 2014.