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Brik Study Spaces

Study Spaces take place every exam period. This is an initiative of Brik supported by the Flemish Government and the VGC. With this project we provide the students in Brussels three times a year with a place where they can prepare together for the exams. Last years, we were able to offer more than 800 seats, which were fully occupied most of the time. That is why Brik is looking for new partners in Brussels who can offer a space during some weeks in the specific periods.

Restrictions for a Study Space:

  • The space is situated in one of the 19 Brussels municipalities
  • You can offer a place for at least 10 students
  • There is power supply and WiFi
  • Available for at least two weeks during the given periode (15 May – 30 June, 15 Augusts – 15 September and 13 December – 28 January)

Not enough material or furniture? Would you prefer to have a volunteer to keep an eye on the space? Brik can help with several things.

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Frequently asked questions

There is a minimum of 10 seats. The more, the better off course.

The space needs to be opened for at least 7 hours a day, to make it worthwhile for the students. We notice that spaces with longer opening hours attract more students.

Students come to the Study Spaces to find tranquility and silence. You will not have any trouble with them. We only had positive reactions from partners that organized a Study Space.

Brik developed a digital platform on which students have to register upon their arrival on a tablet at the entrance of the space. Thanks to this system, you can follow online how many places there are left in each location. This helps to prevent to many students at one place. The platform also allows us to decide whether or not to make the places on reservation.

The Study Spaces are open for everyone, but our communication is only in Dutch and English, and is specifically directed to students at the Dutch-speaking institutions for higher education in Brussels.

It is a good idea to clean a bit more often and to provide enough toilet paper. When you also want to offer a cup of coffee to the students make sure you have enough in stock.

  • Brik can not offer to pay for the rent. However, we can help with several other things, such as extra materials or furniture, coffee and tea supply or volunteers who guard the space.
  • Brik hires a professional photographer to photograph all the new Study Spaces.
  • Every new Edition, Brik sends out several press releases in which new spaces are highlighted.