Looking for student housing in the capital? It’s worth it!

Renting a student room in Brussels has a lot of perks: you live close to the campus, close to your friends and in the middle of the exciting city life. Brussels neighbourhoods offer something for all tastes, preferences and budgets.

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You will find a very varied range of student rooms in Brussels. But how do you start the search for a room that suits you?

Your expectations

Try to narrow down your choice by defining what’s most important to you. Do you prefer to live close to your college, or would you rather discover new neigbourhoods? Do you need a lot of private space, or do you like sharing a kitchen and/or living room with other students?

During the Open Room Days, you can experience the atmosphere of several
student houses, and meet students who live in these houses.

Open Room Days

MyKot: the online room finder

You can check the student housing of your college or university, or search on MyKot. Using the database of, you can find rooms and studios rented out by private owners, or by Brik. Brik regularly checks the student rooms published on MyKot.

You can filter out the criteria that are important to you, to find a student room that suits your expectations.


Go and have a look

That’s right, Brik is acting as a landlord too. During the so-called ‘Kottours’ you can see which rooms Brik has to offer. A tour guide will show you the available rooms. Found the room you like? Lock it for the next academic year and sign the lease the same day. 

The Kottours start on 1 July and will be repeated several times a week until all rooms are rented.

Students abroad can join one of the online Kottours.


The tenancy agreement

Once you have selected the room you want to rent, you will have to sign a tenancy agreement. Be sure to read every article carefully.
Brik provides a model contract that complies with the new regulations in the Brussels Region. Ask for it when discussing your room with the landlord.

Brik modelcontract


Renting from your college or university

Some colleges and universities have their own student housing facilities. VUB manages some 1500 rooms on and around campus. Stuvo LUCA has 67 rooms to offer in Art UpKot. Students at EhB, Odisee and KU Leuven Campus Brussel can contact Brik directly when looking for student housing in Brussels. Consult the student services of your school to ask if there are rooms available for you. Worth the while to check if you’re eligible for financial support.

Renting at Brik

Brik has about 350 student rooms. It acts as a landlord there. All arrangements happen directly between Brik and the student, including everything from your contract to daily maintenance. Priority is given to students from partner institutions (VUB, EhB, Odisee, LUCA and KU Leuven campuses in Brussels).

Renting at Brik

Renting from a private landlord

Most of the rooms in Brussels are rented out by private owners. You can find a large amount of privately owned rooms on MyKot. Register on the website to contact the landlord for more information. The tenancy agreement and practical matters are arranged between the student
and the landlord. On request, Brik or the student facilities of your school can act as a mediator in case of problems.


Renting at SVKS

You are looking for a room, but struggling financially? The Brussels ‘Sociaal Verhuurkantoor voor Studenten’ or ‘SVKS’ (= Social Housing Agency for Students) rents out rooms at a reduced price to student with a modest income. Get into contact to see if you’re eligible. (website in Dutch and French only)


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