Open Room Days

In Brussels you will find a very varied offer of student rooms. Educational institutions, private owners, but also Brik rents out student rooms in all shapes and sizes.

During the Open Room Days, we give you a glimpse of the student life in Brussels. What does a student house look like? What is it like to live in a student house? Here you will find out.


As from April 23rd, you will find virtual tours of the student houses on this website.

Walks in Brussels

For those who like to go out and discover their future neighbourhood already, Brik has mapped out a number of walking routes.

You will pass by cool spots and a number of student houses. Because a visit is not allowed at the moment, you can follow a virtual tour of these student houses.

How does it work?

  1. Choose a walking route.
  2. Find the starting point.
  3. Do you pass by a student house? On the door you will find a QR code with the story of one of these students.

Choose your walking route:

Online from April 23rd.


Would you rather discover your future student city online? The videos and photos are also available online.


How does it work?

  1. Choose the region you like to discover.
  2. Click on the different locations and get information.
  3. At the student houses, you get a virtual tour from one of the students.

Choose the region you want to discover:

Online from April 23rd.

Stay up-to-date

Brik will start renting out student rooms from 1 July 2021. Would you like to stay informed about Brik’s offer? Leave your email address here.

Check out some testimonials from last year below:

Zachary and Arianna

Zachary is renting a room at Zavelput. He shares his kitchen with other students. Listen to his story here.

Are you looking for a student room with a shared common area? Take a look at, or take a look at what Brik has to offer.

Seppe and Jolien

Seppe and Jolien share a studio together in the center of Brussels. Listen to their story here.

Are you looking for a (shared) studio? Take a look at, or take a look at what Brik has to offer.


As an exchange student, Mohamed rents a room in the international student house Van Orley. Listen to his story here.

Are you looking for a short stay room (one semester) in Brussels? Then maybe Van Orley might be your thing.

David and Jacek

David and Jacek are living in a transit house from Hubbie & Pleegzorg. Volunteering students and young adults with disabilities live together in this home. Listen to their story here.

There are more initiatives like Hubbie. There is Oasis, a social living project in Jette and 1Toit2Ages where students live together with elderly people.