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21, 22 avril and 5 may

Have you ever tried out the Brussels student housing life? That is possible at the Open Kotdagen. Every year, several landlords open the doors of their student house and answers all your practical questions. You can try out the atmosphere of the student life in the capital.These days coincide with several infodays of higher education institutions in Brussels.

STEP 1 – Be informed

De verwachtingen

You will find a wide variety of student rooms in Brussels. In order not to drown in the huge amount of rooms, it is important to check for yourself what you find important in a kot: do you prefer to live near your campus? Would you like to live near friends? Or would you rather discover other neighborhoods? How important is the proximity of a store or laundry for you? Do you need a lot of space for yourself, or do you like a communal kitchen and living room? The price probably also plays a major role. A lot of food for thought.

The preparation

You have checked for yourself which criteria are important, so your search can start. It is not a good idea to just go into the street and look for a flat on good luck. You better nestle behind your computer and discover the offer in Brussels. Check the offer of your educational institution, or search via brik.mykot.be. Filter on the criteria that are important to you. So you have a good starting point to compare the rooms, neighborhoods and prices.

The visit

Have you found a room that interests you? Contact your prospective landlord, arrange a visit and sign the contract afterwards. So you are sure that you feel good with your flat and the neighborhood? You may already talk with other residents, and you will not be surprised afterwards.

The rental contract

Did you fell in love for a certain room? Then it is time to sign a rental contract. Be sure to read all articles thoroughly so that you know what you are binds to. On January 1, 2018, the new rental legislation in Brussels took effect. More information can be found at www.huisvesting.brussels. Brik makes a model contract available for landlords and tenants. You can use this as a reference in consultation with the landlord.


With the online search engine brik.mykot.be you can search from more than 4,000 student rooms in Brussels.
• The rooms on brik.mykot.be are tested as much as possible against the applicable rules, but it goes without saying that the landlord bears the final responsibility
• The most student-friendly roomfinder in Brussels
• Overview of rooms and studios of higher education institutions, Brik itself, and of private owners.

Rent at your educational institution

Some colleges and universities have their own student accommodation. So first check at the student facilities if a room is available before you come to Brik or look at the roomfinder.

Rent at Brik

Brik rents out some 400 student rooms. In these rooms Brik is the landlord. Everything is arranged between Brik and the student.

  • Rental contract (12 months).
  • Additional services (cleaning team, handyman’s service, technical permanence and support for managers).
  • Different types of rooms.
  • Priority for students of VUB, Erasmushogeschool Brussels, Odisee, LUCA School of Arts, KU Leuven – Campuses Brussels.
  • You can apply for any rental allowance at your educational institution.

Rent at private landlords

Most of the buildings in Brussels are owned by a private landlord. A large majority of this offer can be found at brik.mykot.be.

  • Arrange contract and practical matters directly between student and landlord.
  • Brik (or educational institution) can act as a mediator on demand.

STEP 2 – Point out your route

Sat – 21th of April
Brussel Center

Sun – 22th of April
Jette & Etterbeek

Sat – 21th of may
Schaarbeek & Sint-Gillis

STEP 3 – Visit Brussels

Noteer de data in je agenda en kom Brussel ontdekken!

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