Open Room Days


In Brussels you will find a very varied offer of student rooms. Educational institutions, private owners, but also Brik rents out student rooms in all shapes and sizes.

During the Open Room Days, we give you a glimpse of the student life in Brussels. What does a student house look like? What is it like to live in a student house? Here you will find out.

Registration for the Open Room Days is required! This allows us to keep you informed of any changes. Also, keep an eye on the page for changes. You can reach us during the Open Room Days on +32 2 211 05 43

Attention: No rooms are rented out at Brik during the Open Kotdagen. For this we have to wait for the Kottours

When / Register

  • May 14, 2022 from 11 am to 3 pm

Rooms open on May 14

Combine with an Open Day on your campus

Which student houses will participate?

Can’t wait? These students are happy to guide you through their room.



Léon Cuissezstraat


Generaal Jacqueslaan