Open Door Days

In Brussels, you’ll find a big variety in student rooms. Universities of Applied Sciences (and Arts) and universities, private landlords, as well as Brik rent out student rooms.

During the Open Door Days, several landlords open the doors of their student house and answer your practical questions. This way, you are already one step ahead in the search for a room.

Because of the measures to limit the spread of the corona virus, it will not be possible for Brik to guide you along different student houses in Brussels.

However, we’re available to inform you in a digital way.

Search for a room in Brussels

Discover the offer in Brussels

Student rooms in Brussels vary very much. Think about what you want before starting your search. Do you want to live close to campus or do you like to discover new areas? Do you need a laundromat or supermarket in the vicinity? Are you up for a communal kitchen and living room, or do you prefer your own private space? 
Here you’ll find some testimonials of student who already made that choice. 

Zachary and Arianna

Zachary is renting a room at Zavelput. He shares his kitchen with other students. Listen to his story here.

Are you looking for a student room with a shared common area? Take a look at, or take a look at what Brik has to offer.

Seppe and Jolien

Seppe and Jolien share a studio together in the center of Brussels. Listen to their story here.

Are you looking for a (shared) studio? Take a look at, or take a look at what Brik has to offer.


As an exchange student, Mohamed rents a room in the international student house Van Orley. Listen to his story here.

Are you looking for a short stay room (one semester) in Brussels? Then maybe Van Orley might be your thing.

David and Jacek

David and Jacek are living in a transit house from Hubbie & Pleegzorg. Volunteering students and young adults with disabilities live together in this home. Listen to their story here.

There are more initiatives like Hubbie. There is Oasis, a social living project in Jette and 1Toit2Ages where students live together with elderly people.

Start your search!

Have you made up your mind about what you need? Then the search is on!
Your computer is the perfect way to discover what is on offer. Check the facilities of your school or take a look at You can filter your search based on your own criteria, making it easier to find a room that suits your needs. It’s also very easy to compare neighbourhoods, prices and rooms.

Stay up-to-date

The rental season of Brik’s student rooms will be starting from June 27th 2020. Do you want to stay updated? Leave your e-mail address here.