How do I add a premises on

To place your rooms and studios in our database for free, you must go through the following steps:

  1. Register as a landlord

  2. Complete the “‘Questionnaire for safety and comfort in the Brussels student rooms'”

  3. Mail us the requested documents and information:

    1. Confirmation of conformity to the Brussels housing code 
    2. Confirmation of use of the Brik model contract when renting rooms via MyKot
    3. Confirmation of quality internet
    4. EPB Certificate for the premises
    5. Maintenance certificate for central heating (annually for heating oil, 2 annually with gas) or invoice for boiler if newer than 2 years
    6. A valid inspection certificate for the electricity of a recognized inspection organization.
    7. A brief description or plan per level of rooms, shared bathroom, kitchen, WC and photos of the accommodation units offered.
    8. Description / summary of the presence of fire prevention equipment, as described in the “Questionnaire”, (eg: smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, …)
  4. Make an appointment with Brik

  5. Site visit of Brik

  6. Add your premises and student rooms in our database

  7. Approval of your premises and student rooms in our database