Of course there are other ways to move about in Brussels. Read on to discover some of them!

On foot

Brussels is not that big and distances are often overestimated. These walking maps show you the fastest routes from one point to another.


  • Felyx: electrical sharing scootres you can find and start using your smartphone.
  • Waterbus: Go from Vilvoorde to Brussels centre and back by boat, from May until October!
  • Poelaertlift: the elevator between the Marolles area and the Palace of Justice


Do you need to use a car? Carpool is a great option: it’s cheaper, more sociable and easier to get a parking spot.


There are a lot of different carsharing platforms in Brussels, some of which are free-floating, meaning you can drop your rental car at any place.

  • Cambio: longest-running and best known platform. The car has to be returned to the pick-up location.
  • Poppy: Free-floating platform