Throughout the summer months Brik guides you along her available student rooms for next academic year (2022-2023). Join one of our Kottours across various neighbourhoods in Brussels and sign the lease for the room of your choice the very same day.   


  • Friday 1 July & Saturday 2 July 2022 

  • On weekdays from Tuesday 5 July 2022 on. 

  • Joining a Kottour is only possible after registering (see steps below).
    Can’t make it for one of the Kottours? No stress! From Tuesday 5 July on, you can book a room online. Keep an eye out for updates, we’ll organise a few online kottours in July.  


The tours start at the meeting point. (See confirmation email that you’ll receive after registering.  

Attention: The tours start on time. Our guides don’t wait.  

What to bring?

  • Your ID card or passport

  • You student card or a (preliminary) proof of enrolment.

  • Your debit or credit card

Step 1 – Our rooms

Choose which Kottours suit you: close to your campus or nearby friends, in a vibrant neighbourhood or rather a residential part of town.

You can already explore the Brikhouses and rooms online: from Monday 20 June 2022 you can see which rooms are available* for next academic year on mykot.be.

(*available rooms subject to changes) 


Downtown Brussels, with many bars and restaurants nearby.

  1. Vlaamsesteenweg 61 (meeting point)
  2. Vlaamsesteenweg 87


In and around Brussels main shopping district, with much more to do than shopping only.   

  1. Duivenkotstraat 3 (meeting point)
  2. Nieuwbrug 47


Ridiculously close to campus and recently elected as Brussels Nicest Neigbourhood.

  1. Washuisstraat 4 (meeting point)
  2. Anderlechtsesteenweg 96


The Canal District in full development. A stone’s throw away of the fashionable Dansaertstraat, and a brand new park just across the street.  

  1. Onze Lieve-Vrouw van Vaakstraat 77 
    (Meeting Point) 
  2. Slachthuislaan 6 
  3. Kruitmolenstraat 43a 


Within walking distance from VUB ánd the lovely ponds of Elsene.

  1. Emile De Becolaan 10 (Meeting Point) 
  2. Leon Cuissezstraat 3


A great student house to get to know new people and Brussels.

  1. Spaarstraat 20


A residential quarter next to the Brik Open House, with the the Botanique park as an oasis nearby.

  1. Zavelput 20


Just behind the Munt square, and within walking distance of Brussels central Station.  

  1. Wolvengracht 23-25 (meeting point)


Oasis is a combined social housing project that aspires to reach a wider social mix. For students with a social commitment.

  1. Wemmelsesteenweg 229

Step 2 – Map your visit and register for the Kottours

Registration is possible from June 21, 2022 and is mandatory to participate.

Step 3 – Join the Kottours – what to expect

  • The tours start right on time at the meeting point.  
  • A guide will take you along the available rooms in a certain neighbourhood.
    You will receive a list with the specifications of each available room (rent, surface, shared facilities…) 
  • Found you room? Call the number that will be communicated to lock it. The reservation lasts for 2 hours.  
  • We try to give everyone a fair chance to obtain a room. Kottour participants have priority when booking a room.  

Step 4 – Sign the lease for your student room

Found a suitable room during the kottours? Head over to the Brik office lock this room for you and sign the lease. Our office: Zavelput 20 – 1000 Brussels.  

  • You ID card or passport

  • Your student card or any proof of enrollment
    The Brik rooms are reserved for students enrolled of these partner schools: VUB, EhB, Odisee, LUCA & KU Leuven – campuses in Brussels).

  • Your debit or credit card
    When you sign the lease agreement, the deposit for the room needs to be paid. The deposit varies between 500 EUR and 750 EUR depending on the type of room.

  • Your parents
    in case you haven’t reached the age of 18 yet, one of your parents or gardian will need to sign the lease as well.

  • Any other question? Please contact Brik. 

We start renting out rooms on 1 July 2022. We won’t accept any reservations in advance.
Students booking a room online (not before 5 July) can sign the contract digitally.