Hip metropolis, heart of Europe and many international organizations: Brussels is the city to gain a unique international experience. As an international student you can also turn to Brik. Enjoy your stay!


Are you looking for a kot in Brussels? We will help you!
We have several options for you. Depending on the duration of your stay in Brussels, there is definitely an option that suits you.



Did you find a place to live? Then it’s time to enjoy Brussels! In our Student Guide you will find all the information you need to become a true Brusseleir. Finally as in international student you are much more than a visitor !!

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I’m looking for a room/studio/appartment


Rooms and studios become available once it is clear which ones will be available for the next academic year. Some landlords already offer rooms starting in April, so you can start checking MyKot then.
Brik starts in July, after the exam period. As long as there are rooms available, you can keep on searching. Still, the earlier you start the more and better options you have. So don’t wait too long!

Can you only start your search in August or September? No worries, there will still be plenty of rooms available, though the majority might already be taken.

Brussels is not more or less safe than other big cities. By contract, the crime rates went down significantly, while the number of inhabitants only goes up. The crime rate here is lower than in Antwerp, Ghent, or Liege. But this does not mean there is no crime at all: each incident is one too many.


Don’t venture out to the city without preparation. Your computer is the best place to start to see what is on offer. On you can find about 4000 students rooms, making it the ideal starting point for your quest for a room. It makes it easy to compare neighbourhoods, prices and rooms.
Brik can also help. Our ‘Kottours’ are perfect to discover the available rooms in our student houses.

All rooms that are rented out by Brik, and all rooms that are mentioned on MyKot, have to comply with certain measurements about fire standards, safety and infrastructure which are regulated by the Brussels Capital Region. So you don’t have to worry about basic safety and comfort!

Before narrowing your choice, it’s best to list the aspects you find most important. Are you a social butterfly? A big student houses with communal spaces might work for you. Do you really want to get to know the city? Then you don’t have to live right next to campus.

Check out all options on MyKot, while filtering based on your needs. It’s the easiest way to find a room that fits you like a glove!

Price scan vary strongly. The type of room, the size, neighbourhood, period, all play their part.
At Brik, a room of about 12m2 is on the market for about €330 per month (excluding €75 for provision like water and electricity). Rooms with private shower or studios are on the market for about €350 or €435 (excl. provisions).


Brik rents out furnished student rooms on the city centre, making a distinction between 3 types:

  • Room = a standard student room – kitchen, shower and toilet are shared with your house mates
  • Room PLUS = a student room with a private shower – kitchen, and toilet are shared with your house mates
  • Studio = a student room with a private shower and kitchenette – toilet is shared with your house mates (unless stated otherwise)

In addition, Brik also rents out a number of unfurnished- flats for recent graduates.

Brik rents out rooms and flats to students who go to school at one of our partner institutions. In order to rent one of our rooms, you must be a registered student at one of these universities or colleges.

Off course! We advise everyone to take a look at a room in real life before signing any contract to avoid unpleasant surprises. We organize plenty of ‘Kottours’ during the summer months, visiting our available rooms.

Off course! We advise everyone to take a look at a room in real life before signing any contract to avoid unpleasant surprises. We organize plenty of ‘Kottours’ during the summer months, visiting our available rooms.

First come, first served: we don’t work with options. Whoever signs his or her contract first is the one who can rent the room.

Brik rents out a number of flats for recent graduates in the city centre. Graduates of one of our partner institutions receive priority.


You can select a different institute in order to be able to see all the information. If you want to rent a room that is managed by Brik, do check if you qualify. Our rooms a reserved for students of our partner institutions.

All pictures of the rooms that are managed by Brik are on MyKot. Rooms that are rented by private owners might have more. Check with the landlord to see if this is the case.
To get a full overview of a room, do make time to visit in real life and avoid unpleasant surprises.

No, the price that is mentioned on MyKot is the net price. Always check which fixed or variable costs will be added.

During the high season, our website is updated daily. In general, a room that is mentioned on MyKot is still available.

I’m renting a room at Brik


Rooms that are rented out by Brik for long stay have basic furnishings. A bed, a wardrobe, a desk, a desk chair, a book case and a chair are included. You have to provide your own mattress and bed linen.

Yes, you can. You are also allowed to replace the present furniture by your own objects, as long as you store them yourself and put them back into place, in the same state, when leaving the room.

No, you can’t. Because of safety hazards, it is not allowed to install your own electrical appliances. The communal kitchen has all necessities.
If you want to install an extra fridge nonetheless, you cannot do so without explicit permission of Brik.

No, you can’t. Because of safety hazards, it is not allowed to install your own electrical appliances. The communal kitchen has all necessities.
If you want to install an extra fridge nonetheless, you cannot do so without explicit permission of Brik.

Brik provides Wi-Fi in all rooms.  This is subject to a charge of 15 euros per month, which is transferred together with the rent.

The safety standards of our student houses are checked with the regulations of the fire service in Brussels. All necessary extinguishers and emergency lighting are present. These are checked yearly and replaced if necessary. All communal rooms have a smoke detector. The central fire detection installations are also checked yearly.

Always get in touch with Brik in case of a broken fire detector, a technical failure or a broken extinguisher in order to guarantee the fire safety of you student house.

All our buildings have fire insurance. As a tenant, you are responsible for the insurance of your personal belongings, with a waiver of recourse against Brik. This insurance can by complied with using an extension of the fire insurance your parents have.

It is permitted to have guests in you students house and room, but as a tenant you are always responsible for their behaviour. Also, keep your fellow house mates and neighbourhood in mind and don’t make noise after 22h00.
It is not permitted to have guests stay over for a multiple days without the explicit permission of Brik.

You’re a student, you should party. But unfortunately it is not allowed to organize a party in our student houses in order to keep the peace in the building and show respect to neighbours and house mates. Luckily there are plenty of other places in Brussels who you can start a party!

No, pets are not allowed in the student houses managed by Brik.

Generally, there is no TV-connection present. If the infrastructure should be present in your room, it is up to you to get in touch with a provider to arrange all necessary steps.

The majority of our student houses have a place to stall your bikes. Check the information on MyKot to see if this is the case.


The first month of rent is paid immediately when signing the contract. Afterward, rent is due each month at the beginning of a new month.

The net rental price of your room included renting of a (furnished) room and the use of common areas. Cleaning and maintenance service is also included.
Internet, water and energy are arranged with a monthly fee. At the end of the lease contract, a settlement will be made based on the actual measured consumption.

The net rental price of your student room or studio is calculated without the cost for internet and provisions. A monthly advance is charged for the energy consumption. At the end of the academic year, a calculation is made based on the effective measured consumption. You will receive this payment at the latest on November 15th.

The cost of energy consumption will be settled at the end of your rental contract based on the actual measured consumption. The electricity costs are divided on the basis of the individual measured consumption per student room. The costs for water and gas are distributed among all residents. The energy costs for common areas are divided according to the type of your student room – as a tenant of a studio you do not pay energy costs for the communal kitchen.

You can consult the meter of your room in the meter cabinet in your building. By consciously dealing with the consumption of energy and water, you can already save a lot on your billing: turn off electrical devices if you do not need them, turn off the heating when you leave your room … More energy tips can be found at

Your guarantee will be refunded no later than two months after the end of your rental agreement.


Contact Brik during office hours. In return for a deposit, you will receive a spare key. If you lost your key, you can purchase a new key and badge at your own expense.

You might be able to replace you own light bulbs, no? For more complicated problems, Brik’s handymen are ready to help you out. Report your problem and your room number to Brik by telephone or by email.

Are your neighbours a bit loud or annoying? Usually the nuisance is unintentional. Just knock on their door, explain the situation and have a nice chat. Often that will fix your problem!

When the problems hold on, you can report it to Brik.

We do our utmost to provide you with a good service.  Did not something go as desired? Please contact Brik for a complaint about the handling of your file, the intervention of the customer service or the service of the cleaning team. We strive to resolve all complaints satisfactorily.


No. It is not allowed to domicile on your student address. The rental agreement does not allow your room to be used as a main residence.

In principle, the contract will remain valid for the entire proposed duration, unless in a case of force majeure.

If you wish to end your contract, you can notify Brik by registered letter. The notice period will commence on the first day of the next rental month. A severance payment of 3 months net rental (without utilities and internet) is charged. This cancellation fee will be reduced to 1 month net rental if you can arrange a new tenant before your contract expires.

The lease agreement only allows subletting after written approval from Brik. This permission is given only when you sublease to a student who agrees with Brik’s house rules. Please note that as a tenant, you will always be responsible for the actions of this person. You will also continue to pay the rent.

Unfortunately not. The days before the key collection, we’re working hard checking, cleaning and painting all rooms so you can arrive in a fresh-looking room on September 15th!

If you rented a room at Brik last year, we ask you to let us know by June 15th whether you want to conclude a new contract with Brik or not. As Brik’s tenant, you also get the first choice to change room.

I’m renting a room with a private owner


The rental contract confirms the agreements that are made between the landlord and the renter concerning the use of the student room. Both parties agree with these articles.
Brik has made a model contract that can serve as a measure or reference for both landlords as renters. You can find this contract here:


A technical failure or malfunction? Firstly, get in touch with your landlord. You can find his or her contacts on your contract.


rooms that are listed on MyKot are tested according to the current standards regarding student housing in Brussel Capital Region. Are you in doubt about the state of your room? Get in touch with the private room service if Brik:

E –

T – +32(0)2 629 23 23

Did you find your room via MyKot and do you have a dispute with your landlord? We can help you! Get in touch with the private room service of Brik:

E –
T – +32(0)2 629 23 23