There is more to sports than the championships in beer-glass-lifting or syllabus-twist. You can definitely get your move on in Brussels, whatever sports you prefer. Together with the sporty spices at the VGC, we went looking for the best places to get some action in the city.

Student sport

Up for a swim, some press-ups or a round of b-balling? Every institution offers a customized sports offer, contact your stuvo or sports service to start exercising. You’re just a few clicks away from a nice sweat-session!
VUB Sportdienst
EhB Sport
Stuvo +
Stuvo Luca

20km for city students

Each year in May, thousands of athletes come together for the ‘20 km’. The race has become a massive sportive event, where seasoned runners, newbies and everything in between want to test their limits. The race sells out quickly, but Brik makes sure all students can get a starting place in this prestigious running race.


At you can find some more tips to get your move on, from bowling to mountainbike. Choice aplenty!