Discover Brussels


Brussels is a bustling city to study and live in. There’s something new around every corner! A bit of culture? A hint of green? A tasty bite with friends? Or are you ready to party all night long? Find our tips and have fun!


Wether you’re in for an opera or ready to rumble at an underground party: Brussels has something to offer for everyone. Well-known institutions like KVS or De Munt offer the world’s best concerts and plays, but smaller players in the cultural field have a lot going on too. 


Are you looking for a job to pay your study books (and an extra night at the bar)? You can find some useful links here. If you want to roll up your sleeves as a volunteer, you can find some useful tips here!


If you’re looking for something more challenging than beer glass lifting and course page flipping, you’re in luck. A lot of students keep active and practice one or more sports. We’ve teamed up with VGC (only dutch) and the sports facilities of our Universities of Applied Sciences (and Arts) and Universities to look for the best places to do some sports in the city. 

Going out

It’s time to tuck away your books and put on your dancing shoes! Click here to discover our must-visit’s for shaking your booty until the break of dawn.