Protect yourself against the coronavirus

Below you will find essential information and measures Brik is taking to help prevent the virus from spreading.

  • Update 25/06

From now on it is possible to have closer contact with 15 different people every week. If you meet with others, do it preferably outdoors. If that’s not possible, ventilate the room you are in. 

  • Update 10/06

From now on it is possible to have closer contact with 15 different people every week. If you meet with others, do it preferably outdoors. If that’s not possible, ventilate the room you are in. As such, you are allowed to have visitors in the student houses again.

You can also travel inside Belgium for a trip lasting one or more days.

Are you sick?

  • Please stay at home and contact a doctor.

A doctor has diagnosed you with the coronavirus?

  • Please inform your University or Universities of Applied Sciences (and Arts) and Brik.
  • Stay in your room to avoid possible spread of the virus.
  • You can make arrangements with your housemates and/or Brik concerning the use of necessary shared sanitary facilities and supplies

What if one of my housemates is diagnosed with the coronavirus?

  • Once Brik is informed, it will enforce self-isolation on the student involved. The duration is determined after consultation with a doctor.
  • Avoid any physical contact with the housemate and observe the known precautions (see below).

General precautions

  1. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly for 40 to 60 seconds with water and soap.
  2. Use paper tissues and throw it away in a closable bin.
  3. No paper tissues at hand? Cough or sneeze in your elbow.
  4. Avoid touching your face with your hands as much as possible.
  5. Avoid shaking hands or any other bodily contact.
  6. Keep a distance of 1,5 metres, except within your personal bubble of 15 people.
  7. Stay at home if you’re feeling ill.
  8. Avoid close contact with people who are ill.

Which measures does Brik take? (only for Brik student houses)

1. In the student houses

  • Brik keeps on cleaning the commons areas of the student houses on a regular basis.
  • Our cleaning team focusses on frequently touched surfaces and frequently visited spaces.
  • Our cleaning and technical team remain active. Our team members have been briefed and are taking hygienic precautions.
  • There are face masks provided by Brik for every inhabitant of the student houses. If you did not receive one yet, send an e-mail to
  • From now on it is possible to invite people into the student house. Follow the official rule saying you can meet a maximum of 15 different people in one week. If you meet with others, do it preferably outdoors. If that’s not possible, ventilate the room you’re in.

What if my fellow housemates do not abide by these rules?

  • The health and safety of our tenants are a main concern for Brik. That is why we count on all remaining students to cooperate.
    Do you notice fellow students not following the rules? Report this to Brik and we’ll see how we can help.

2. Brik remains active

  • Our front desk can only be reached by
  • Personal visits are no longer possible, except for urgent matters.
    You have to make an appointment then.
  • Postpone the delivery and pick-up of non-urgent parcels.
  • Rental payments are to be done via wire transfer. If not possible, please contact Brik for a payment delay.

3. Cancellation of utility costs

Every tenant of Brik with a student lease agreement will receive a discount related to the fixed and variable costs for utilities (energy, water & internet). This discount will be applied for the period from 15/03/2020 – 14/05/2020 (= 2 rental months), whether the student room is used or not.

4. Adjustment of the cancellation procedure with regards to the coronavirus epidemic

The normal cancellation procedure for a student room foresees a period of notice of 2 months.

  • For all students who desire to give notice before 15 April 2020, Brik will have the period of notice started retroactively on 1 April 2020. Students who cancel their contract now, will see their contract ended on 31 May 2020 without further cancellation costs.
  • International students renting a student room at Brik, who were called back prior to 1 April 2020 by either their sending institution or the authorities of their home country, can end their lease agreement without a period of notice or a cancellation fee being due. Their lease agreement will take an end on 31 March 2020.

5. Kottours

Following the measures of the government to limit the spread of the corona virus, we ask all participants to respect the following rules:

  • Visits to the student houses will be organized in small groups.
  • It is possible to join a Kottour only after registration on the website.
  • The number of people to join a tour is limited.
  • Each student who registers for a Kottour can be accompanied by max. 1 extra visitor.
  • All visitors are obliged to wear a face mask inside the student houses. The face mask must cover both your nose and your mouth.
  • In case your are ill, please stay at home. After June 27th, there are still rooms that will become available.

Additional support by Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences (and Arts)

Students who are facing financial difficulties, and for whom the measures offered by Brik may not suffice can turn to the social services of their academic institution. These departments can provide in additional and individual measures.

Useful information


Questions regarding rental discount

Yes, you can deduct the amount from your next rental payment, in addition to the utility costs that will be let off for that month.

The discount is between € 60 and € 95 per student per month, depending on your contract.

Please refer to art. 6 of you lease agreement.

e.g.: € 15 internet + € 60 utility costs = € 75 discount for the mentioned months

The discount will be applied as a fixed sum. In November there will still be the settlement of the utility costs. According to your own consumption.

The utility costs will be let off for a period from 15 March until 14 May. If there is an overlap with the period of notice, the reduction will also apply to that extent.

Questions regarding cancellation (including international students)

No. The period of notice still runs from 1 April until 31 May. During this period, you can apply the discount as mentioned above.

Only if there has been an imperative instruction from official authorities of your country or from the university or college in your country. Only instructions dating before 1 April 2020 are considered.

Once the contract has been prematurely ended, the room will be made available again for other students. Previous tenants don’t have priority.

The mentioned measures are only applicable for the student rooms rented out by Brik. You can contact directly your landlord to discuss the possible compensations.

In case you are facing financial difficulties, and the agreed compensations may not suffice, you can contact the social services of your academic institution.

Questions regarding rental of student rooms

Yes, this is permitted under the same prevention measures that apply to the real estate sector.