Graduated, what now?

You have just graduated or are about to and you would like to build a life in Brussels? Be welcome! 

At Brik we are currently working on a handy overview that should help you in your search for a house, finding a job and establishing social contacts in Brussels. In this way Brik will not only be the service desk for all students, but also for recent graduates and alumni. 

  • Which part of Brussels is nice to live in? How to find a good house? Can I live with friends? Do I have to change my domicile immediately? And what types of insurance should I get? 
  • I am looking for a job. How about that in Brussels? Do I need to register somewhere? What steps do I need to take? Can I also follow additional training? And until when can I continue to work as a student?
  • I don’t know many people in Brussels yet. How and where do I make the best contacts? Is it easy to find a sports club here? Or play theatre? Also in English?  

You can expect an answer to all these questions soon. Keep an eye on our website and social media channels. Would you like to receive all the information? Then leave your contact details here. Welcome to Brussels!